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Mar 10, 2023
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How to remove wax in a used candle jar

At Flowrette, we create craft candles. We make them in beautiful craft pots to highlight them. Once your candle jars Consumed. Don't throw them away! You can clean them and reuse them to give them a second life.

To remove the rest of wax Who piles at the bottom of your containers, follow these tips.

At Flowrette, we are a fan of Natural and craft candles, we also give you all our secrets in our guide on the blog.

Remove the wax from your candle jars in 6 steps

#1: Turn off the candles to the last centimeter remaining

First of all, it should be remembered that the craft candles are handmade candles made from the natural wax and a cotton wick or a wooden wick. They can contain colors, dried flowers and/or perfume and they are reusable.

If you want to recycle their pots, you have to wait until they go out on their own or be consumed until the bottom. In fact, the ideal is that you turn them off yourself when only about 1 cm of wax remains at the bottom of your containers. Afterwards, you can clean up.


#2: To remove the wax, to boil the water

As you know, it wax is particularly messy. You have to use the right technique to remove it effectively and not to leave traces on your candle jars. For a better result, you are advised to boil water.

Boiling water allows you to get rid of the wax, even if it is very hard and very oily. It can soften and decompose the rest of the wax which is placed on the walls of your containers.

#3: Pour boiling water into Candle pots

When boiling water is ready, you must pour it into your candle jars. Be careful not to overcome your containers, as you may burn with splashes. In order not to miss your cleaning, try to fill your containers well up to the top. Like this, all dirt will peel off from the walls and you are not going to have trouble emptying your candle jars.

#4: respect the exposure time And let it dry

The next step is to wait for a few minutes, while the water increases the wax on the surface. This exposure time is really necessary, because it can simplify the tasks for you by avoiding rubbing the walls of candle jars using another tool. It can vary depending on the temperature of your water. But what is certain is that it will help you clean your containers well.

Once the exposure time is finished, you should let it dry in the open air for a few minutes. Here, the idea is to solidify the rest of the wax to be able to easily remove it afterwards. So you have to wait until everything is dry before going to the next step.


#5 : Remove the wax from the pot Using a knife or a stick

To remove the solidified wax, you must use a knife or a stick. Then you need to press slightly to dislodge the wax without breaking it and not to damage the container. After that, you have to put the candle pot upside down and you have to tap it gently. Like this, you can be sure to remove all the wax.

#6: Clean the container with a soapy sponge and hot water

The last step is nEttoy your pot with candle Using a soapy sponge and hot water. Here, you must take care of the internal part and the external part of your containers, because the objective is to have perfectly clean containers. Do not forget to rub well on the orifice of candle jars, because often, this part retains wax. Then, also wash the underside of your containers so that they do not leave traces on your supports or on your furniture.

Bonus: what to do with recycled pots

In addition, it is not difficult to clean candle jars. You just have to use effective techniques and adopt the right gestures. Once cleaned, your containers can accommodate new candles and they can help you customize the decoration of your pieces.

Once your candle pot has been cleaned. We have found Several ideas to recycle your candle jars.

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