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Oct 26, 2022
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How to make a beautiful Christmas table?

For an almost perfect Christmas dinner! 

The end -of -year festivities are approaching, it is already time to think of the famous Christmas dinner and its organization. This annual ritual where we put ourselves in four to impress and please our guests around a magnificent table filled with delicious plates but also beautiful decorations. 

The time has therefore come to transform its interior for the end of the year and to go out Christmas decorations. The goal is to illuminate your Christmas table and create a magical and sifted atmosphere.

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First of all ! Concentrate on the theme

When you start decorating your interior, do not lose sight of the atmosphere you want to reflect: harmonize is the only keyword to respect. For the holidays everything is allowed, call on your imagination and express your style.

You can keep The traditional Christmas spirit With a rather red and green theme: a Christmas wreath on the door, red balls, Santa Claus and Rennes figurines, red and white socks hanging on the fireplace. Indeed, it is a question of recreating the universal image of Christmas.

As you can think outsoide the box and opt for an extraordinary theme for your festive decoration. Give free rein to your imagination and creativity, why not opt ​​for a rather refined theme with large light garlands, stars and figurines in crystal glass, dried flowers, candles ...

The wooded style has also been very trendy for a few years, a decoration that draws its inspiration from the wild through branches, pine cones, wooden accessories ... But what matters above all is the presence of Candles and garlands which bring this magical atmosphere of the holidays.

Likewise, the gold/silver theme is just as tempting, because it resumes Christmas colors And in fact a very refined atmosphere. This duo goes perfectly with a color like white, gray or black to let sparkle gold and silver! A magical decoration with elegance.

The decoration

Once the theme has been chosen and the decoration has been committed, place at the table! In addition to being a religious celebration, Christmas is also an opportunity to find yourself with family and friends, far from the pressure and stress of life. It is obvious that the table is the key element around which the evening takes place. If you want to fully celebrate the Christmas spirit, you can opt for the most traditional tables. 

The classic red duo, green and gold remains a must to enjoy the charm of the traditional Christmas atmosphere and childhood flavors! 

You can stand out and prepare a table in harmony with your decorative theme, choose a superb tablecloth, a festive or sophisticated dishes that get married with your decoration in the rest of the house will certainly enhance the atmosphere. 

Choose towels according to the theme you have chosen and invest in the folding, that will make all the difference on your table. Plan different dishes that highlight the culinary traditions of the end of year celebrations and make sure that guests have something to drink while waiting to serve the famous Christmas dinner! 

Add decorations with festive patterns such as snowflakes, crowns or bells for an unforgettable atmosphere.

The Christmas Table

The delicious dishes accompanied by beautiful Decorative objects are the essence of the end of year celebrations because they bring joy and festivity to the house for this magical Christmas period. Fir branches, crystal glasses, deer ... This is how to simply create a rustic and rustic Christmas table decor! 

Christmas rhymes with light ! Remember to illuminate your table with a nice candle table runner. White candles of different sizes to bring a refined and personal touch to your table. 

For a country and romantic atmosphere, adorn your dried flower table. Opt for bouquets of dried flowers such as Pampa herbs or a gypsophilic bouquet that you decorate with pine or plant potatoes. 

With a sober and elegant tablecloth, bet on a remarkable center of the table in order to give more shine to your decoration. You can refresh, energize and embellish your party table just with that. Place a nice plant center center made up of candles, pine cones, starry stars, cinnamon sticks! 

Do not hesitate to use logs on your table, as a centerpiece or even to replace the traditional table sets.

Little attentions for guests

Christmas is synonymous with gifts and what better way to spoil and please family and friends! Children in particular are impatiently awaiting what Santa Claus will bring them, don't forget to prepare some toys and little touches for the little ones.

If your goal is to organize The best evenings Possible, don't forget to bring small accessories for your guests: a Christmas hat, a headband or the famous sweater with Christmas patterns. Chocolates and small present and your guests will remember the dinner in the most beautiful way possible.

You will understand, for A beautiful successful Christmas table, Just listen to your desires and follow your inspirations but above all to prepare everything with love and kindness.

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