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Apr 18, 2023
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How to flavor a candle naturally?

The scented candles stimulate the senses, because they highlight the decoration of the rooms and flavor the spaces, making them much more pleasant to live. Indeed, these are superb gift ideas for our loved ones, or to decorate our living spaces with craft, fragrant and healthy products.

The pleasant smell of a deodorizer or aromatic candles in the house evokes good emotions and brings comfort to the rooms.

Also discover how to choose and create your own scented candles !

What are the perfumes to use each season to flavor a candle naturally?

There are many different types of them, which correspond to every occasion, each desire, each personality. Here are some perfumes to hire your interior according to the different periods of the year!

The scent of jasmine in the spring

The spring season marks the resumption of magnificent days in the different rooms of your home. Enjoy a soft atmosphere thanks to the fresh scent of aromatic candles.

For example, a candle with a delicate and thirsty scent of white flowers, including those of thrush and jasmine, is perfectly suitable to bring the charm of the season to your interior. Also note that jasmine, among others, is often exploited in aromatherapy, because its scent has a calming and relaxing effect.

It's not surprising: at Flowrette, we love the enchanting perfume of jasmine scented candles. You can go contemplate one of our models in the Candle category of our online store.

Monoi perfumes for summer

Monoi scent is the ideal solution for the summer period. This perfume evokes the sun and exoticism. It's like feeling the caress of a delicately scented island breeze on your skin.

This is the kind of perfume that arouses the desire to spend days off by the sea.

Evoking the scent of summer flowers, the Monoi scented candle highlights the scents of vanilla, coconut and flowers with an exotic taste, specific to Monoï. The scent of this candle will make you travel and take you far, even to the office.

Patchouli perfume for fall

Fall is synonymous with hot pink and patchouli perfumes. Indeed, patchouli is a plant native to Malaysia and Indonesia.

When the product is freshly collected, it has no smell. However, when it is dried and distilled, it gives off a complex, earthy, dry, wooded and smoked scent, ideal for internal use.

This scent is ideal for the creation of Handmade candles With wax to add character and depth to the atmosphere of the house or your office!

FLOWRETTE Fall candle

Sanal perfume for winter

In winter, the best candle scent is the sandalwood. This aromatic candle scent gives off a spicy and wooded odor; Warm, friendly and sophisticated.

This aromatic candle invites not only to meditation, but also evokes the sweetness and calm of the long winter evenings.

Thus, the candles flavored with sandalwood Formally integrate into your living rooms during the winter season, warming the body and improving mood and health.

At Flowrette, we also have other candle scents that are perfect for winter. Perfume of black rose, vanilla, tuberous flower, cedar, musk, you will necessarily find your happiness!

How to create and flavor an oil candle?

In order to be able to make and flavor oil candles yourself, you need floating locks with a cork float, a glass jar and vegetable oil. Sunflower, olive or carthame oil are particularly suitable. Once you have all this at your disposal, make and perfume your own oil candle by following these instructions:

Pour the oil into a glass and gently place the floating wick with the cork float in the oil. Now to make the oil candle a Special scented candle, add spices, flowers and other natural oil additives. Thus, your candle will be scented and will give off a soft smell in your living room.

Pour the oil into a glass and gently place the floating wick with the cork float in the oil. Now to make the oil candle a Special scented candle, add spices, flowers and other natural oil additives. Thus, your candle will be scented and will give off a soft smell in your living room.

Flowrette scented candle

How to flavor a candle with coconut oil?

For a candle scented with coconut oil, you need the same proportions of beeswax and coconut oil, depending on the size of the container that will accommodate your candle.

To make and perfume your own Coconut oil candle, you will need:

  • 90g of coconut oil;
  • 90g of beeswax;
  • 1 cotton wick;
  • 1 ship;
  • Newspaper to put below to avoid wax tasks.

Put the beeswax in a saucepan and heat it gently. Do not let the bees become too hot. Cut the wick at the right length. Ideally, it should be longer than the container in which the candle is placed.

Dip the wick in the warm bees wax and place it on newspaper to dry it. Then heat the coconut oil and add it to the beeswax. Now make the mixture of the two ingredients. Then pour the mixture of coconut oil and beeswax into the glass until the bottom is slightly covered and place the wick in it. The wick must slightly touch the bottom of the container. Now pour the remaining mass so that the wick exceeds about 2 cm at the top. Let everything dry for at least a day to get a candle scented with coconut, to hire your interior with a delicate exotic perfume!

How to make a scented candle with orange?

Orange candles not only feel wonderfully good, but can also be made in a short time and at a lower cost. You can make and flavor your own Orange bark candle in a few minutes. 

You will need:

  • Beeswax leaves, beeswax or vegetable oil pads
  • Hollowed out orange halves
  • The wick consists of the white central stem of the orange

Indeed, this candle variant is particularly simple to make. To do it, divide the orange in half and use a knife to cut around the orange, between the skin and the flesh. It is better to do it also in the middle, around the central stem, because it must remain as a wick.

Now delicately take the flesh. You can now pour melted beeswax or vegetable oil over half peeled orange. The wick must exceed approximately 1 to 2 cm. The wick being still wet, it will burn for a long time. Simple and fun to design, it perfectly matches the winter atmospheres!

Flowrette scented candle

Why use scented candles?

Candles scented to aromatic oils And aromas Various, not only emit a pleasant light, but also fill your interior with the most pleasant perfumes, and this affect our condition and our mood.

Some aromas can help you relax after a long day of fatigue, create a calm and relaxation atmosphere, while others can tone or inspire a creative activity. In addition, research has shown that memories and odors are also closely linked, which means that some odors can evoke moments of a distant past.

Here are the reasons why it is worth using the scented candles.

It is a refined interior decoration and a way to create a magical atmosphere

Our candles are beautiful decorative elements even when they are not on. These are subtle interior accessories that give the space a particular atmosphere of comfort and even animates the dull corners of the house.

Regarding elegant interior details, the bathroom often receives less attention than other rooms. So find space on the shelves of the bathroom or on the closet for your scented candle.

It will decorate this more intimate space beautifully, and after lighting a scented candle of Flowrette, you can relax and enjoy your bath even more.

Flowrette scented candles

An ideal choice for those who like scented interiors

The aroma issued by the scented candles that we offer is intense, but when the candle is extinguished, it dissipates fairly quickly. This opens a wide range of opportunities to experiment with different perfumes or engage in home aromatherapy only when you wish. Choose an aromatic candle At Flowrette Depending on the season, mood, the time of day, discover your favorite aroma for different occasions, and which best corresponds to each room!

It is a simple way to neutralize other odors

Moisture, work, the meal of the day before, pets ... So many perfumes that can harm your well-being at home.

You can use an aromatic candle to counter these smells of which it is sometimes difficult to get rid of.

The perfume will perfectly neutralize the unpleasant odors of the place. Thus, if a loved one visits you, it will be greeted by a festive atmosphere and a sweet scent of aromatic oils. Practical, efficient and so pleasant!

Flowrette candle trio

To conclude...

To make your candle a scented candle, it is best to use essential oils of organic quality. You can use an aromatic oil by scented candle or combine different scents to create your own individual candle. A few drops per candle is enough. Alternatively, you can also use fresh ingredients and spices, such as lemon or fresh orange juice, powdered coffee, cinnamon, vanilla or herbs and herbs and herbs dried flowers.

Discover here what Perfumes Choosing for your homemade candles, why these are Perfect decoration accessories or How to reuse your candle jar !

Besides, if you like scented candles but you don't have time to do them yourself, you can buy them from us, in our online store. Indeed, at Flowrette we do not make and perfume our candles only using natural ingredients!

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