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Mar 13, 2023
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How and why use a candle burner?

At Flowrette, we are passionate about decoration. An element often added to its decoration The natural candle allows you to create a warm atmosphere in your interior, use a candle burner. This accessory actually allows you to flavor your parts and hunt all the unpleasant odors that may scare away your guests. It was specially designed to meet the expectations of great enthusiasts of craft candles and scents. Then, it also constitutes a nice decorative object.

In this new advice section, the Flowrette team invites you to discover the mode of use as well as the advantages of the candle burner. Also find all our secrets on Natural candles.

How to use a candle burner?

Also known as the Brule-Parfum, the candle burner is a kind of container which serves as a support for scented waxes, perfume extracts or aromatic concentrates. It broadcasts the aromas thanks to a warm -up. This is why you have to place a candle inside, just below the tank.

Once this candle is lit, the ceramics will heat up and the aromas will spread throughout the room after only a few minutes.

Put scented fondants and The Candle Heater

However, we advise you to clean the reservoir of your candle burner before placing the scented fondants. Then, try to add two or three drops of fragrance or essential oils when they have become liquid to optimize the scents.

When your natural candle is extinguished, the wax will cool and solidify into a block. So you are not going to feel the perfume anymore in your room. But don't worry, the scented fondants can be reused several times. You just have to change your craft candle called CHAUTER CHAUTE CHAUTER, RELLUME it and that's it, your wax will liquefy again and spread the aromas.


When to change the Speed ​​fondant

The fondant wax will no longer be effective as soon as it no longer emits an odor. So you have to think about replacing him. To do this, you need to turn off the heating candle and wait a few minutes until the rest of the wax cools.

Then you should remove the wax roller using the tip of a knife and you need to clean the tank, that is to say the upper part of the candle burner, with a soft cloth. Finally, you need to place the new scented fondant and you need to turn on your heating candle.

Why use A candle burner

A great pleasure olfactory

First of all, this is the ideal solution to guarantee an immense olfactory pleasure. The candle burner actually allows you to diffuse good perfumes throughout the house and hide the bad odors of the kind smell of tobacco, smell of mold and smell of sewers.

It helps customize the atmosphere in a room. Then, it also allows you to express yourself, in particular to demonstrate your preferences for this or that perfume in particular.

The burner, A decorative object

The candle burner can also count among the decorative elements of the house. It is currently available in different very design models on the market. In addition, it often has small holes that filter/sink the light to create magnificent reflections in your interior.

An excellent investment !

The candle burner is also an excellent investment for fans of candles and scents. It can be used endlessly and also allows you to use scented fondants many times. It even offers a good diffusion experience since it disseminates the aromas purely.

It is true that it is necessary to add water to the tank to benefit from a slower diffusion and a less powerful aromas concentration. But that does not alter the virtues of the aromas. The candle burner always allows you to start in aromatherapy and therefore heal certain ailments with the aromas.


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