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Apr 30, 2023
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Everything you need to know to create an artisanal candle

You love them craft candles And you want to know more about how to make them? You are on the right article. We have just planned to reveal all our secrets to you on these natural candles.

These candles are generally enlightening, decorative and scented. But you have to use the right techniques and good materials to make original and quality models.

We tell you everything about Natural and craft candles that we create and that we offer you at Flowrette.

So how are composed Our natural and craft candles?

Creating natural candles require respecting several things: you have to choose your wax, its wicks, its delicate perfumes and its pots that you want to be artisanal.

Do you want to start? In this case, we have prepared a complete tutorial to you to allow you to Make your own candles natural and craft step by step.

If you want to know how candles are made up of Flowrette, we tell you everything!

What wax for a Non toxic candle?

To create good craft candles, the very first tip is to opt for natural wax. You must indeed leave aside the waxes made up of paraffins used in the creation of conventional candles, because these are harmful to health.

Indeed, paraffin is a molecule derived from oil. It can spread toxins in the air when combustion of the candle. So it can be bad for the body if it is permanently breathed.

Poor quality candles can even release thin particles that act as allergens and that promote allergy problems and respiratory problems. And when they are extinguished, they also spread different substances including benzene.

Using natural wax, you can avoid all of these problems. In fact, two alternatives are available to you: either you choose the wax of animal origin, that is to say beeswax; Either you refer to the vegetable wax designed with rapeseed, palm or soybeans.

Beeswax candles

The beeswax is renewable. It allows the candle to burn slower and provide more light. It also diffuses a pleasant smell of honey that allows you to flavor a room and hide bad smells such as the smell of tobacco. Unfortunately, it promotes intensive animal exploitation, because it requires the production of beeswax in large quantities. This is not the type of wax we use.

Candles with vegetable wax

There vegetable wax, on the other hand, is perfect for making ecological and vegan candles. It allows less rapid combustion than that of conventional candles. Then, it also guarantees better dissemination of scents and essential oils.

THE Vegetable wax candles even tend not to heat up strongly and to cool quickly once it is off. However, you are advised to choose a vegetable wax produced without GMOs, pesticides and herbicide. Like this, it is completely biodegradable and it is not likely to reject harmful substances.

In all our Flowrette candles, we use soy wax.


Perfumes for Natural candles

To have some craft candles, that's good, but having scented craft candles is even better. The scented craft candles effectively use your olfactory capacities. Then they can also help you wear an atmosphere. The smells they spread give great sensations. We have also written an article on Our favorite candle scents Depending on the seasons and atmospheres.

Grasse, the world capital of perfume

You may not know, but the world capital of perfume is in Grasse in the south of France. Most of the legendary fragrances have emerged in this very beautiful city. At Flowrette, all our perfumes come from Grasse.

Historical perfumers that take care of the production of perfumes and pure perfumes can provide us with candle perfumes made in Grasse.

The main fragrances of Grasse

Naturel candle

Among the famous scents of Grasse, it is necessary to quote: lavender, myrtle, rose, orange blossom, mimosa and jasmine. But be aware that there is also what is called olfactory family, that is to say a system for the classification of perfumes according to their main scent.

Among other things, there is reason to list: floral scents, spicy scents, gourmet perfumes, aromatic perfumes, wooded fragrances, fruity perfumes, oriental perfumes and Hesperidés perfumes.

Anyway, also try to dose the amount of perfume to use, because it can influence the quality of your scented candles.

For a beautiful candle craft pots

It is impossible to create a craft candle without using a container. At Flowrette, we only use craft pots.

Glass pots, aluminum pots, plastic pots ..., you need resistant jars that are not afraid of high temperatures.

Once the candles are finished, you can use it, try to clean them well to remove the wax residues that remain on their interior walls. Find our guide and our advice for remove the remaining wax. Then dry them with a dry cloth or by heating them if these are glass jars.

If the pot of your candle is beautiful, like our craft pots, once the wax has been removed, we will have to find a new use for these pots.

On this article, we give you 3 good ideas to Recycle your candle jars.

Artisanal candle

Use Mussels candles

Find the candle mold

If you don't pour your candles into pots, you will need to find mussels. This is what we use for our flowery candles without a pot. To customize the shape of your craft candles or make candles without a pot, we use mussels.

The different forms of mussels candles:

-A very wide choice is available to you in the shops: Mussels candles shellfish, rainbow mussels, molds heart candles, molds double round candles, long wavy plugs, molds 3 waves and stairs candles and molds.

- You can also find molds cylindrical candles, molds with balls, small vase candles, large vases candles and candle candles.

In addition, you can vary as much as you want the shape of your candles to create original and decorative models. And to do this, you have to pour the wax into the mold instead of pouring it into a container.

If you opt for a latex mold, you must fill it upside down, that is to say head down and base at the top. Pilk the head of your latex mold with a needle and insert the wick, letting it come out of about 2 cm.

Then clog the small hole with a waterproof paste and cut a hole in a cardboard corresponding to the base of the mold so that you can slide the mold so as to wedge the latex bead against the cardboard.

After that, you have to place the cardboard and the mold upside down on a cut plastic bottle filled with water. Then, you must stretch the wick by cornering its end between two chopsticks linked with elastics. Finally, pour the wax into your mold by delicately tapping the cardboard.

Demoking craft candles

Regarding unmolding, the steps to follow are not similar for a classic mold and a latex mold. If you are using a classic mold, you need to place it first in the freezer for ten minutes before unmolding the candle.

On the other hand, if you use a latex mold, you should coat it with food oil or dishwashing liquid, then roll it gently so as not to damage it. Once the candle is unmolded, you can decorate it with inlays, collages or paint.

Choose well His candle wicks

What wick for which candle?

In general, you can choose between flat wicks, round locks, cotton strands and wooden wicks. At Flowrette, we use a lot to vary the renderings and the pleasure. The flat wicks are dedicated especially to the creation of candles in paraffin. And the round locks are mainly suitable for candles with beeswax or palm.

The cotton wicks with paper soul, meanwhile, are perfect for vegetable wax candles. And finally, the wooden strands are perfect for giving a natural appearance to crafts of vegetable.

We use cotton and wooden strands.

What are the recommendations on the wicks?

Nowadays, locks of candle already attached to a metal foot are available in creative leisure stores. But nothing also prevents you from buying separately from the metal feet and unlisted wicks, then assemble them. Above all, do not think of placing a footless wick in an artisanal candle, because it is the metal which prevents the flame from heating the bottom of your glass jars and breaking them.

What is also advantageous with unlisted wicks is the fact that you can vary their length according to your needs. However, know that if the wick is too long, it will bend and it will not burn well. If it is too short, it can be overwhelmed by liquid wax which accumulates at the top of the candle and you will have trouble lighting it. Finally, you are also recommended to choose wicks already coated with wax to benefit from better results.

Naturel candle

What an artisanal and natural candle choose ?

Find the right natural candle

Now you know everything we choose to create our candles. It remains to find the concept of each candle.

At Flowrette, all candles are scented. As you have seen, we pay attention to the choices of flagrances. It is not the element of differentiation of our candles.

We have created several ranges of craft candles. Our different candles by size, the craftsman who makes the pot where we try to innovate with candles without pots

We have created a list of 5 natural candles ideas that we make at Flowrette. who made us crack at Flowrette. This guide will allow you to choose the natural and craft candle that makes you crack.

Want to innovate: Discover the burner and the candle fondants

You love the candles, but you want to innovate a little. Discover the candle burners. More economical, decorative and above all less common, the candle burner is trendy. We tell you how and why we use Fondants and candle burners. At Flowrette, we have already adopted them! We also offer scented flowery fondants to recharge your burners!

All our advice on use, safety and conservation of your craft candles

Our advice for use for your craft candles

Now that you know the basis of the materials used in candles, it is sure and certain that you are no longer going to have trouble making DIY candles. However, it is also important to give you other small tips to guarantee optimal use of your candles.

First of all, you are advised to let your candle burn long enough ignition to allow a good distribution of the liquid wax over the entire surface and to enjoy optimal combustion and dissemination of perfume.

Secondly, try to remove the bass or matches present in your candle containers so as not to spoil their aesthetics and to avoid the appearance of bad odors, or even flame.

In addition, be aware that an artisanal candle should not remain on more than 3 hours. And if necessary, refocus your wicks and check their length from time to time.

Normally, the wick of a natural candle measures 8 or 9 cm. If it is too long, it can fall into the wax and you get a candle that does not dig, that is to say a candle that burns in a homogeneous manner.

To avoid the risk of warm -up and damage to your support, you are finally advised to turn off your candle when only about 1 cm of liquid wax left at the bottom of your container.

Our safety advice for your natural candles

Since the candle has a fire that can be burning or fire, it must be used with precautions.

First of all, you are advised to never leave your candles on unattended. Then, also try to place them out of reach of children and domestic animals.

Please also hold the flame of your candles far from any fuel or flammable object of the genus veilages, curtains, tablecloths and furniture. And install your candles only on stable supports, resistant to heat and sheltered from air currents.

When your candle starts to smoke, turn it off immediately. This means that another object apart from the wick is burned.

In addition, you are not recommended to move your candles when they are on or when the wax is still liquid. Then also keep your candles away from walls and radiators. You must, in fact, turn off your candle when a carbon ball forms at the end of your wick or when your flame becomes too large. And you only have to turn it on, after removing the ball.

So as not to have problems with candles With several wicks, make sure that their wicks are not too close. Like that, you are not likely to have an too high or too large flame.

How to properly keep your natural and craft candles?

To keep the original color of your candles, you are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to strong lights, natural or artificial. Candle dyes do not indeed support the illuminations.

Aside from that, try also to shelter your candles safe from strong temperature variations so as not to change the appearance of the wax. Do not place them on a fireplace or near a strong heat source. Then, take precautions to keep them cool when you transport them in the car. In addition, you must therefore keep your craft candles in a temperate place protected from light.

Flowrette's specialty: The candles in dried flowers

How not to finish this article by talking to you a little more of our favorite candle: flowery candles.

At Flowrette, we love the candles and dried flowers, so we decided to mix these two products to create candles with dried flowers.

Completely handmade and totally natural like all our candles, flowery candles are poetic, romantic objects. They blend perfectly into your decoration. We invite you to look at the result by looking at our collection of Dried flowers candles.

Are we cracking and you?


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