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May 4, 2023
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Everything about the flowery candle

Flower candle, dried flower candle, vegetable candle ... They are everywhere and make you crack!

Decoration element, instagramable, they are also found in many Pinterest pins!

But what makes this handmade candle so special? Why has it become more interesting than classic candles?

At Flowrette, we have created a collection of Flower candles composed of dried flowers, they are a flagship product with us. We tell you in detail how we create them and why they make us crack!

The flowery candle: Essential element of your decoration

The flowery candle is actually the wind in its sails right now. It is present in almost all interior, because it is at the same time enlightening, decorative and fragrant.

It can be declined in different shapes, colors and sizes to meet the expectations of all consumers.

At Flowrette, we fall for its candles and We have created several versions In the workshop to be perfect in your decoration.

We tell you all our choices during their creation.


Create candles, a job craft and natural

The flowery candle is a hand -designed candle fromnatural ingredients. It is quite possible to order it with a professional craftsman. But nothing prevents you from make yourself.

Natural ingredients

What is advantageous with the craft candle is the fact that it is carried out with 100% natural ingredients. No question for us to use a wax made of paraffin. It is necessary to opt for a natural wax, the choice is made either on vegetable wax or beeswax. At Flowrette, we create our candles only with soy wax. We leave the bees quiet!

Vegetable wax, especially soy wax, is ideal for making Ecological candles and vegan. It allows better combustion and better diffusion of scents and essential oils.

As for what is the wick, it must be a cotton wick or a wooden wick. The cotton wick is mainly made up of natural fibers, so it is respectful of the environment. The wooden wick, on the other hand, is very recognized for its practical side. It remains hard and does not soften when the candle is extinguished. In addition, we find them very beautiful the wooden wicks.

An artisanal hand made by hand

To create a flowery candle, we often use a container.

At Flowrette, we work hand in hand with craftsmen to create them. All Our pots are handcrafted For Flowrette by brands or craftsmen with whom we collaborate.

In fact, the ideal is to favor a container that resists high temperatures well and which can give an original touch to the candle. So it is therefore not enough to choose it well. It must also be cleaned and drying it properly so that it is ready to accommodate the wax and all the other elements of the candle.


Dried flowers chosen tailor-made

In addition, the craft candles are said to be flowery, because they are decorated with dried flowers. In fact, it is possible to choose the kind of dried flowers to be integrated into the candle according to your tastes and preferences.

We opt for your favorite dried flowers. Then we try to do poetic associations. We love to garnish them with immortals, gypsophiles, lavender, hydrangea petals. We are only limited by our imagination!

We garnish the dried flowers to the ends of the large pot of the candle so that the flowers do not burn.

We also love to create herbarium candles. We gently lay the dried and pressed flowers once the wax is sunk. The flowers marry the wax and the rendering is very elegant.


Dried flowers candles, a poetic rendering

A pretty flowery candle can become a real source of inspiration. She can wake up your feelings and emotions, since she can change the atmosphere and the atmosphere in a room. It can even remind you of beautiful memories or make you live pleasant moments like motionless travel. Then it can also improve your well-being and your mood.

As you know, each flower has its own meaning. Delphinium, for example, is the emblem of sincerity and protection. And the gypsophile is the symbol of happiness. The rose, on the other hand, evokes attachment, tenderness and sweetness. And the stabilized hydrangea is synonymous with love, grace and beauty.

A flowery candle, a decoration element

The flowery candle is not only used to light up an area. She can also play the role ofA decoration object. She can embellish your table during a good meal, especially during a candlelit dinner or a family dinner. Then, it can also complete your decorative elements, your vases and your photo frames on the shelves.

A candle of dried flowers can even help you wear a decoration style in particular in your home, whether it is a country decoration, a chic country decoration or a natural decoration.

Scented candle, for a smell delicate and soothing

In general, a flowery candle is also a scented candle. It is true that dried flowers have no smell, but flowery candles are often made up of essential oils or Grasse perfumes To flavor the parts.

At Flowrette, our candles are fragrant and as we want the best, our perfumes come from Grasse, the capital of perfumery.

Thus, it can therefore spread pleasant and varied odors in your interior and it can request your olfactory capacities.

The natural dried flowers candle, A very appreciated gift!

So what are you better than a flowery candle? This craft and natural candle can both embellish and flavor your house. For a anniversary or a collaborating gift, the flowery candle is very appreciated. Not only is it an object-made object, but it is also a customizable and infinite reusable product. The candle of dried flowers is not likely to disappoint you.

One last thing to make you crack. Flower candles are Perfect gifts. A candle is always a nice gift, which we appreciate. A candle decorated with dried flowers is an even more cool gift. To offer a flowery candle is to make sure to really please!

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