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Oct 25, 2022
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10 Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself

Christmas holidays are a wonderful source of inspiration for decoration. Indeed, there are a multitude of decorative ideas to celebrate this magic celebration in a warm atmosphere. Making a DIY Christmas decor offers several advantages that you will discover in this article. 

If you lack inspiration, here is our guide on Trends for Christmas decorations in 2023 which highlights dried flowers and crafts in poetic and durable products.

DIY Christmas decorations: 10 clever ideas to do yourself

The tree is not the only Christmas decoration. Here are our 10 DIY Christmas DIY easy to decorate your home in style.

1. An original Advent calendar for children and for Christmas decor

Festive DIYs are a great idea to make your children wisely wait until Christmas. The DIY Advent calendar will delight your children while bringing an original style to the Christmas decor of your home.

Follow our tutorial to create an original DIY Advent calendar: 

Paint the numbers from 1 to 25 with painting on paper or cardboard bags

Then fill them with chocolates and close them using trombones

Hang a branch to suspend each of the sachets with a ribbon or a wire. 

Your Advent calendar is ready to the delight of your children!

2. A Christmas crown with Christmas balls for a centerpiece

The Christmas crown in the center of the table is perfect for receiving your guests during the Christmas meal. 

To make DIY Christmas crowns, use a flexible metal center. You have to mow it so as to give it a rounded shape. Then just tie Christmas balls from different sizes. 

You can add a few fir branches to bring a natural touch. You can also make a recovered crown with a foam, an old shirt, wool and ornaments to choose from.

Discover the Advent Crown offered by Flowrette. This will perfectly decorate your table center to celebrate Christmas in the rules of the art!

3. Christmas candles for a warm touch in the house

Candles are essential decorations during the Christmas party. These allow in particular to decorate the center of the table while bringing a warm atmosphere in the house. 

To decorate your candles, you can use Christmas balls, ribbons, fir branches, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, etc. 

Flowrette has created candles scented with wood fire and delicately flowering by hand with natural dried flowers to decorate your centerpiece with style. You can also offer our craft candles to your loved ones as a Christmas gift or to celebrate the new year!

4. DIY Christmas Angels in paper for the decoration of the tree

Paper Christmas Angels are a good idea to decorate your Christmas tree. To make a paper angel in paper follow our easy tutorial: 

  • Make the angel's dress using a paper cone
  • Then glue scalloped wings and a decorated wooden pearl that acts as a head
  • Finally add glitter glued to the bottom of the angel's dress. To suspend your Christmas angel, use thread or a ribbon.

5. A small DIY Christmas tree to make with cork caps

You can create a little Christmas tree made entirely with cork caps. You will need: 

  • About fifteen cork caps
  • A transparent varnish
  • Green glitter and golden glitter
  • An extra strong glue. 

Follow our tutorial to create a DIY tree in cork caps: 

  • Take your cork caps one by one then varnish one side generously
  • Then sprinkle your glitter on the varnish side
  • Leave to dry for half an hour and then do the same for the other side of the plug. Repeat the operation on thirteen caps with the green glitter, then on one for the golden glitter. This golden glitter cap will act as a star
  • To assemble your traffic jams, glue 3 plugs together, then 4, then 3, then 2 then 1. Also use a plug for the base. Your little DIY Christmas tree in cork caps is ready!

6. A bright garland DIY for Christmas decor

The luminous Christmas garland creates a warm atmosphere in the house. You can make a DIY light garland by creating a wooden or tree branches that you will surround with a light garland and bay or olive tree. 

Your glass jars can also be used to make a bright Christmas decoration. Just fill them with your prettiest garlands! 

In addition, you can make starred trees or any other Christmas decoration simply with paper or cardboard and scissors. Just cut stars, fir trees or snowflakes and then use a ribbon or a wire to hang them. 

Note that nature is a source of inspiration for Christmas decor. This offers you the possibility of creating a nice recovered decoration. Do not hesitate to collect pine cones during your walks in the forest. You can use them to make a pretty garland of pine cones with a little wire. For a snow effect, sprinkle your Meudon white pine cones.

7. A snowman in wood rings

You can make a snowman using two wooden rings (a large body and a small head). To do this, you will need a glue gun, felt -tip pens and a fall in fabric, wool or ribbon. 

Here is our simple tutorial to make a snowman in wood rings: 

  • Gather the two rings by the ends using your glue pistol to obtain the body of the snowman
  • Draw him a face and pimples on the body using the felts
  • Make him a scarf with your fall in fabric, wool or ribbons
  • Apply a point of glue on the back of your head, then fix your string in the shape of a loop to hang it. If you want your snowman to stand up, place a new wooden lamp in the center of a new wooden puck and put your guy on it, so that the snowman is straight.

8. A Santa Claus paper in the fireplace for a fun decoration

To decorate your house in a funny way, nothing like a Santa Claus decoration in the fireplace. 

To make the fireplace, nothing could be simpler. You need a rectangle of squared red paper and stuck in cylinder. Make and then glue paper legs or a hat that protrudes from the inside and your amusing Christmas decor is ready!

9. A decorative snowball with a glass jar

Everyone appreciates snow balls at Christmas. You can make some to offer your friends as a Christmas gift, which will appreciate DIY decoration for sure. 

  • Follow our tutorial to make your own snowball: 
  • Paste small Christmas trees at the lid and let them dry
  • Fill the distilled water jar
  • Add glitter or artificial snow and a few drops of baby oil
  • Screw the lid carefully
  • Attach everything to the glue gun and voila!

10. A log as a centerpiece for a warm decor

A log is perfectly suited to the decoration of the center of the table for a festive meal. This brings a friendly atmosphere and a natural side to your decor thanks to the wood. To decorate your centerpiece, simply recover a pretty log and insert candles!

Why make Christmas decoration yourself?

Christmas DIYs allow you to share good times with your children and have the magic of Christmas in your home. 

The DIY Christmas decor also allows you to personalize the decoration of your interior and find the simplicity of the Christmas of yesteryear with natural decorations such as pine cones and wood. The recovery tips even allow you to limit your expenses while protecting the planet! 

Note also that DIY Christmas decorations are great gifts to offer to your loved ones. They will appreciate your personal touch. So do not hesitate to take inspiration from our ideas to make your own Christmas decor!

What if I need Christmas decoration ideas?

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