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Jan 30, 2023
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Which gift to choose for Valentine's Day?

Soon the feast of lovers and even if there is no fixed date to celebrate love, Valentine's Day remains an opportunity to express its feelings, its love and its passion for the loved one. 

It is for you a sacred ritual to exchange gifts but above all to ask the famous question what should I offer him on this occasion! 

Roses, chocolate, a perfume, a book, a romantic weekend ... gifts seen and reviewed. If you would like to surprise your half with a gift that she did not expect to receive, you are in the right place.

You will discover in this article our best gift ideas to please your half for sure!

Discover our Selection of gifts for Valentine's Day

A bouquet of dried flowers

To replace the usual bouquet of fresh flowers this time, go with a bouquet of dried flowers carefully picked and dried in a manual process. Natural flowers that last a long time with a minimum of maintenance, nothing like it to brighten up the house and express your love. We would all like to decorate our interior with pretty flowers without having to break their heads with their maintenance, the bouquets of dried flowers will easily find their place in a country and bohemian decoration. We have chosen for you: the Eloi bouquet. Soft, warm, comforting and full of femininity. Nicely composed of pink hydrangea and pink lavender, he will not fail to wake up the senses of your wife or girlfriend and bewitch her personality.

A gift box

Surprise your darling with a gift box that you personalize by adding a photo of you and a few words of love. If you want to offer an original gift, the Flowrette gift box is your best ally. 

Thanks to its composition, the gift box certainly comes out. Women love to receive several very soft and cute little presents that adapt to their tastes and personalities. 

The Flowrette gift box composed of a superb scented and flowery candle, a small bouquet of so -called carefully assembled flowers and a small card to register some love notes. 

The gift boxes are customizable because even if you would opt for a ready box you can always add a few personal attentions.

A jewel

Whether it is to express your feelings or even to declare your love, jewelry is the darling of women especially when they are chic and elegant. 

Choosing the suitable jewelry may not be as easy as it seems, if the ring is synonymous with engagement, the necklace is considered a testimony of love.

To choose your gift, take into account what she likes to wear the most. To give you ideas, we have selected the Daisy bracelet for you. 

Inspired by flowers and in the shape of a flower. Soft and poetic, it completes a simple outfit to perfection and brings compliments.

A candle for Valentine's Day

A candle will be used to light up the pieces and create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. It is increasingly becoming an essential decorative object these days that deserves its place in any interior.

Flowrette's clean creations will certainly warm up the heart of the person to whom you plan to offer it. 

Like a perfume, the flowery candle with a fragrance full of sweetness, it will illuminate your Valentine's Day table for an evening full of intimacy and conviviality.

DIY kit

For homemade and creative soul followers, nothing like an original DIY kit. Depending on her tastes, you can offer her a box with everything she needs to embark on a creative activity and make an object that fascinates her with her own hands.

We have selected for you the DIY Kit Small white earrings, to have fun solo or two during a creative evening. The kit consists of an already guide who will help him in his approach and everything you need to make superb earrings.

Table art

For cooking lovers, dishes is always nice! The art of the table can also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Take the time to choose unique and quality objects, from Flowrette we offer the gray marble concrete tray made by hand of a practical and unusual shape. The unique style of the tray goes with different colors and different themes, he will succeed in making the show on a dinner table or even in decoration.

A toilet bag

To pamper your beloved, give it an original toiletry bag and remember to put some products and creams for the body you know that it would love. Flowrette toilet kits are a real gem, a quality fabric from India and made with the Block Print technique. 

A kit or too small to group all the essentials or too large to the point of being bulky. We have chosen the Bally toiletry bag for you, made in the pure Indian tradition. With a unique hand -printed fabric, adorned with flowers and with a waterproof lining.

A decoration article

Failing to opt for an impersonal gift and free from any meaning, think of something that adapts to the personality of the one who receives it. For decoration lovers, a decorative object is certainly more than appreciated.

A candle holder, a ceramic pot cover or a pocket vacuum ... The choice is large. One thing is certain, at Flowrette you will find more than a simple decorative object but rather a unique article which will undoubtedly enhance the decoration of any interior.

Why not a red haws vase to stay in the theme of love and Valentine's Day. With its trendy design and bright color, it will quickly gain the heart of your half and highlight its interior decoration.

These are some examples of Valentine's Day gift ideas that we have selected to inspire you. If you are looking for unique and original gifts.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity for all lovers to please their partner and repeat their flame. If you are looking for other gift ideas for Valentine's Day, discover Our Valentine's Day gifts at low prices to offer a woman or Our 5 reasons to offer dried flowers For Valentine's Day.

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