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Apr 12, 2023
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What are the ideas of trendy gifts in 2023 for Mother's Day?

There mothers' Day is one of most important dates that is. This year, you are wondering how to pay tribute to your mother on the occasion of Mother's Day? This is a legitimate question since mothers are beings that are dear to us. There are many gifts that you can offer him in view of the many gift boxes for this occasion. However, the real challenge is to find the gift that would be both useful, practical, but above all original. An overly common gift cannot make this moment unique. Fortunately, at Flowrette, we offer a wide variety of unique and unusual artisanal articles. Discover Trends gift ideas in 2023 for Mother's Day.

A poetic flowery jewel for a unique mother

There mothers' Day is an opportunity for children to celebrate their mothers. It is the only person in the world who will always make you go to the fore. It is therefore an event that cannot go unnoticed. For this edition Mother's Day 2023, which will take place on June 4, did you find the ideal gift Who would make him happy? A gift that is both unique and original? Not taking the time to choose the gift that looks like it will not produce the expected effect.

Inasmuch as Singular gift specialist, we offer you for this First gift idea A flowery jewel. We offer a collection of jewelry made from dried flowers. Each jewel is made with care, passion and know-how. Our goal is to produce magnificent pieces that are unique and that will please all those that will wear them.

At Flowrette, we offer necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Delicate and original, each of these accessories aims to highlight any look. These are jewelry that will accompany her on a daily basis, but also during the holidays and events in which she participates. So choose the type of jewelry That she likes the most and give her one of our magnificent models. Scarlette earrings are for example perfect for such an occasion.

Our beautiful jewelry is made in our Parisian workshop and in an artisanal way. This is a gift that would appeal to mothers who love handmade articles and "made in France".

A toilet bag in a chic and elegant design

Your mom likes outings, trips? If so, she will love our beautiful flowery fabric kit. This kit is made with cotton fabric thanks to the technique of the Block Print. It is an Indian technique that allows you to print a flowery pattern on fabric thanks to a wooden block.

The flowery pattern has been designed to correspond to the DNA of our brand. The kit is soft inside with waterproof protection. The latter will prevent a liquid product from overthrowing and dirtying the kit.

You have the choice between several kits. Choose the color and pattern depending on the tastes of your mother. The Bally kit is an excellent choice if your mother loves the white color.

The medium and large models contain interior pockets where several small accessories can be stored. This very practical accessory will be of great help for your mom, especially if it is very active and moves a lot.

A bouquet of dried flowers for Mother's Day 2023

Do you know how The flowers were associated with the mothers' Day ? This tradition comes from the United States where Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is to Anna Jarvis that we owe the celebration of Mother's Day.

To honor her mother who died on May 9, 1905 of which she was quite close, she organized a ceremony at the Episcopal Methodist Andrew church. Unable to go to the event at the last minute, sent 500 white eyelets. From this moment, the flowers were associated with Mother's Day.

Also, in The history of France, the most deserving mothers were celebrated. They were offered medals to reward them with the big role they played in the family. It was on May 25, 1941 that Mother's Day was established by Marshal Pétain. Tradition therefore wants us to offer gifts to mothers during this party.

We then invite you to offer your mom one of our magnificent bouquets. Sweet and poetic, our dried flowers are enough to embellish any space. They last a long time and need no particular maintenance. The bouquet could even last until the Mother's Day next year. Your mom will be delighted with this beautiful attention and all this love in her place.

There mothers' Day is celebrated in France the Last Sunday in May Unless it coincides with Pentecost. In this case, it is celebrated on the first Sunday in June. So note the date of this special day for mothers in your calendar so as not to forget it.

A herbarium or a poster for a decor lover

The famous date is approaching and you wonder what to offer your mom, a fan of interior decoration? Opt for a herbarium or a Flowrette poster. Herbarium is another way of having flowers at home outside the classic bouquet. It allows you to appreciate flowers in another way.

If your mom is a creative at heart, give her a DIY Herbier kit. She will be delighted to create a beautiful work with her hands. This kit contains everything you need to design a beautiful herbarium. Your mother will be proud to hang her work in one of her pieces.

If you have planned to offer a bouquet of flowers, remember to accompany him rather with one of our posters. These beautiful works are the creations of a publishing house with whom we collaborate. These posters are unique and represent flowers, the brand's universe. So you will not find these posters everywhere.

A personalized candle for Mother's Day

THE Personalized gifts Always have their little effect. To celebrate this 2023 Mother's Day, give it a personalized candle. This personalized article will make her happy because she would see that he was specially designed for her. Send us the message you want to reach him and we will take care of putting him on the candle label. It’s not a long poem. A sentence or a few words will do the trick.

The candle is an article that is unanimous. It gives off a beautiful scent and lasts a long time, because made with soy wax. This compound is natural and offers slow combustion. Your mother could then benefit from the candle for a long time. 

In addition to its usefulness, it adds a nice decoration touch to a room. This is possible thanks to the choice of pot and dried flowers that adorn it. Dare to take the plunge, she will love this gift.

A gift card for Mother's Day

This gift idea Literally will save your life if you don't know what to offer exactly your mom on this date or if you are spoiled for choice against our articles. This is the Flowrette digital gift card. The principle of gift cards is quite simple. You contact us and you give us the amount to put on the gift card.

Your mom can then choose the articles of her choice while remaining in the defined budget. It can afford a box, a DIY jewelry kit, a DIY candle kit or decorative items. This is the advantage of gift cards, the possibility that it chooses the favorite items. You have the certainty that she will love her gift there.

The family is the most precious and mothers deserve so much. Please her mom On this special day is always a good idea. Obviously, we should not only wait for this date to act. For other dates like his birthday or for Christmas, you can show him your love as a child. However, the date that pays homage to all mothers is not to be forgotten.

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You can also get our products by going directly to our shop located in Paris. If you are looking for other articles to offer your mom, discover our article that talks about How to please her mom for Mother's Day. Discover in addition on Which gift to choose for Mother's Day.

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