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Sep 25, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Top 5 Christmas gifts for future mothers

When you learn the pregnancy of a close person, you irreparably want to spoil it, right? However, Find the best Christmas gifts for future mothers is not always easy. 

How to be sure not to be mistaken? We have concocted a guide to you with the 5 best ideas of pretty or practical gifts that highlight crafts. At Flowrette, we want to offer gifts that make sense and handmade products, to make sure for sure! 

If you like to browse our site to discover the most beautiful craft creations of the moment, go to our page dedicated to Christmas gift ideas.

Offer a bouquet of dried flowers: a durable and simple gift

Preparing for the arrival of a child often means having to ignore decoration, whether for lack of time or energy. At Flowrette, we are convinced that simple things and offered with the heart are the most beautiful. 

Dried flowers are a Timeless and original gift for future mothers. Designed with passion by craftsmen, there is something for everyone. These bouquets will be able to decorate the future baby's room without creating risk of allergies, or restoring life in the house. Not perishable, they will be able to accompany future mothers for long and beautiful years. 

It's up to you to choose the one who will delight the pregnant women of those around you for Christmas: a rather round, rather long or blurred bouquet. Colorful or in pale and rural tones, very fashionable at the moment, you will necessarily find enough to make the happiness of the future mother. 

And so that the surprise is even softer, do not hesitate to add a nice craft vase in terracotta or concrete.

Offer a toiletry bag to store baby's belongings

Here is A gift idea that joins the useful to the pleasant. Indeed, future mothers always need a toiletry bag to group the care for the baby. 

Flowrette offers an artisanal collection inspired by India. The floral patterns that adorn them are printed in Block Print on a cotton canvas according to the purest Indian tradition. 

Each toiletry bag is made by hand and is therefore unique. We are convinced that unique gifts make the surprise even more beautiful. These kits exist in three sizes. If you buy it to slide baby products at birth, opt for the large model, 28cm length by 15cm in height. 

This is the kind of gift that Future mothers will want to keep for them ...

Offer jewelry for Christmas: what fun to future mothers

Offer jewelry for Christmas: what fun to future mothers

As we know, welcoming a child requires additional time and energy. Supported in the whirlwind of everyday life, future mothers sometimes find it difficult to find time for them, or even think of them during pregnancy. 

This is why by offering a jewel to a future mother for Christmas, You are sure to please him. Flowrette offers a flowery collection that allows you to reconnect to your femininity. Of course, these are the dried flowers the stars of our collection. Bracelet, necklace, or ring, choose according to the preferences of the woman you want to spoil. 

All gilded with fine 24 carat gold, our jewelry is designed to last and support all future mothers over time. Jewelry is also a great idea for a birth gift.

Offer a stooge: a useful gift

A useful gift For future mothers? Remember to give him a nice pocket vacuum for Christmas! Because she can slide the pacifiers recovered on the ground, the toys lying around, the falling comforters, so as not to be overflowed. 

Designed in ceramic or concrete by our craftsmen, the stuck-ups become trendy. Placed at the entrance on a pretty console, they are as beautiful as practical. And that's all asked Future mothers for Christmas, No ?

Offer a poster for Christmas: to decorate baby's room

The choice of Decoration of the future baby's room is a very important step for future parents. The preparation of this little love cocoon should not be left at random. 

Flowrette offers a collection of minimalist and soft posters, created in neutral and pastel tones. The patterns take over the dried flowers, flagship products from our universe. 

You can even associate a poster with a bouquet, to create a Sweet and welcoming universe for the future child.

Why buy a Christmas gift for future mothers from Flowrette?

If you flower and plant universes you like you or the future mother you want to spoil, the Flowrette concept store is for you. We dedicate our space for crafts, by highlighting French creators, or craftsmen from around the world in order to pay them at the right price. 

We are committed to offering articles from Decoration that makes your interior soft and warm. We reward all types of know-how, and believe that the sweetness of our products can do good to Future mothers for Christmas. For example, for a creative pregnant woman, we offer a DIY kit to make her own candles. It’s a superb gift idea for a customizable result, which will therefore be pleased with it. 

In short, buying a Christmas present for future mothers at Flowrette is supporting crafts by favoring the quality and beauty of materials. Delivery is free from 120 € of purchases, and you can also come and meet us in our Parisian store. We will be happy to accompany you to The choice of the ideal gift for a pregnant woman.

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