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Oct 11, 2022
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Top 10 best business gift ideas

If you want to pamper your employees, your employees or your customers, you are in the right place! The whole Flowrette team has concocted a list of Best corporate gift ideas Among Made in France objects. 

Whatever the size of your company, finding inspiration or good ideas can be difficult and time -consuming. However, corporate gifts can really impact your activity. Your employees will be able to regain a revival of motivation, feel considered or thanked, your employees will continue to work with you with pleasure and your customers will be loyal. They are also very popular with Christmas or during the holiday season. 

So discover our Top 10 best business gift ideas. Our selection is mainly made up of craft objects made in France or handmade by creators around the world, in order to stand out from the usual personalized pens and bring meaning to this gesture.

If you want to offer tailor -made business gifts Who match your needs and desires, Flowrette is there for you! 

The top 10 best business gift ideas

Discover Beautiful gift ideas to spoil your employees or customers. Among this selection, you will find craft and responsible objects in order to establish the ethical values ​​of your business or to show that you favor purchases that respect ethics.

1. Jewelry: an attentive gift

Women and men can be delighted to receive a Nice jewel as a gift. Whether it is simple or personalized, he can dress an outfit and remind you of the good memories of the targeted person. 

For women, you can offer a delicate and feminine gift with a jewel adorned with dried flowers. The Flowrette collection offers golden 24 carat gold jewelry and made with magnificent flowers. 

For men, you can think of stone jewelry that are very trendy at the moment. We recommend bracelets with lava stone pearls, Lapis Lazuli or with tiger eye.

2. The toiletry bag: the practical accessory

Whether your employees and employees are often on the move or not, the toiletry bag is a iVery practical gift voucher. Indeed, it can be used for professional trips as for personal trips or for a business trip. 

It can also be used to transport other objects, such as computer cables or samples for suppliers, or even serve as a home storage kit. Whatever its future function, the toilet bag will certainly serve.

3. The craft candle: a gift that warms the heart and the house

If you want Gfrom your employees or customers While allowing them to work or live in a warmer atmosphere, so the candle is the gift that you have to think about. 

There are all sizes and all perfumes. So choose according to tastes, or opt for sure values ​​such as the cotton flower or the smell of wood fire. 

In addition, if you fall for the candles of the Flowrette concept store, you value crafts and offer a magnificent Made in France object decorated with dried flowers.

4. DIY kits: for creative teams

To thank your creative team, opt for DIY kits! You will be sure to please them by valuing their love of creativity. 

There are in addition to Many gift ideas For DIY kits. If you have the possibility of customizing according to the tastes of your employees, you can choose between jewelry to do yourself yourself, bouquets of dried flowers and even candles! 

In the end, your employees will have a very beautiful object from crafts and made by themselves. Confection can also give rise to a moment of team building.

5. Dried flowers: a non -perishable gift

But have you ever thought of offering a bouquet of dried flowers? These sweet and elegant creations give a feeling of appeasement in a room. 

Thanks to this gift, you allow your employees to decorate their workspace or their home. The lifespan of dried flowers is several months, and they require very little maintenance. 

You can choose bouquets of flowers with pastel or colored tones or more lively tones. One thing is certain, there are dried flowers of all colors and for all tastes!

6. The gift box: to see big things

Why be content with a single gift if the price is not a problem for your business? Impress your customers by offering them a Beautiful gift box. The latter can contain many things, and you can customize it by adding several objects. 

There are also already ready gift boxes, which contain for example a candle and a small bouquet of dried flowers. These allow you to gently decorate an interior or an office, to make the workspace even more pleasant.

7. Flower bell: the gift that is both original, soft and beautiful

If you work in the world of creation or decoration, you can spoil your employees by offering them a floral bell. 

The bells are indeed very trendy in decoration. They can be decorated with various objects (garlands, red roses, statuettes, candles, etc.), but by opting for dried flowers you will mark your originality.

8. Cup: the ideal gift for coffee or tea lovers

If you see that your employees run tea or coffee all day, show them that you know them well by offering them a nice cup. 

This can be personalized on behalf of your business, or have a sober and timeless design. The Flowrette concept store offers hand-made ceramic cups by craftsmen.

9. Pachers: Practical office supply

Offer A practical gift Thanks to the stuck-up! Your employees will be able to use them at their office to deposit various objects and work more ordered, such as trombones or highlights. 

They will also be able to drop him home at the entrance to the house to place their keys in the evening when I got home. Choose a concrete or ceramic model, which are durable and beautiful materials, and vary the colors so that your employees can exchange them with each other according to their tastes.

10. The basket: the trend of the year

If you like interior decoration, you couldn't miss the basket's trend. Whether in raffia, wicker or hook, baskets are among the essential accessories of 2022. 

They can serve as pencil pots or jars cache if it is a small model, or storage for cushions or plaids for the biggest models. 

Again, you leave the choice for your employees to enjoy this gift at home or at work. The price being accessible, you can spoil each customer with whom you have done a good collaboration.

Why offer a business gift?

Many opportunities may justify the purchase of corporate gifts. For example, you can please your employees occasionally The end of year celebrations, a anniversary date for the company, for Christmas, or during a business trip. 

The corporate gift can also be a way to enhance your best employees, your most loyal customers, or seal a new business partnership. 

OUR Corporate gift selection Voluntarily stands out from conventional advertising products such as gourdes, cards or personalized bags with your company's logo, wine, beer, or small goodies and high-tech products. On the concept store Flowrette, you will especially find products made in France or created in partnership with craftsmen from around the world at just prices. 

You will inevitably find the ideal gift to thank your employees for the work done throughout the year.

If you still lack inspiration, here Our 5 ideas for an original business gift

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