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Feb 9, 2023
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The top 5 of our Mother's Day gift boxes

There mothers' Day is one more opportunity to celebrate mothers. This party takes place at the end of May or early June and is the perfect opportunity to please yours. This year remember the date well: Sunday June 4. Whether you have offered a gift to Mother's Day 2022 or not, if you are on this page, you are certainly at the quest for the Best gift idea for Mother's Day 2023. This is completely legitimate, but keep in mind that the most important is not the financial value of the gift, but rather its sentimental value. In Flowrette, we offer many gift ideas that come out of the ordinary and for all budgets. All Flowrette products are a good gift idea, but gift boxes are particularly suitable for this event. A good gift is the one that will please your mother. Then take into account his tastes and preferences. To guide you better, we let you discover the top 5 of Mother's Day gift boxes To offer him on the day of the party.

The Hygge box: the top 1 of our Mother's Day gift ideas 2023

Offer a Mother's Day gift is an attentive gesture filled with love. To please her mom by offering her a little gift is always a great idea, even more for Mother's Day. It's a good time to thank them for everything. If for this 2023 Mother's Day, you want to do better than in May 2022, you are on the right track.

For this first gift idea, we invite you to offer him, for the party, the hygge box. Each element of this box is one of our best articles. It’s a gift that will have its little effect.

Like most of our gift boxes, it contains a Bouquet of dried flowers in soft colors. Enough to delight the heart of a decor lover. This bouquet will give character to a bohemian style decor.

This box contains a mug and an infusion by the infuser. This mug is a craft work that seduces by its chic and original side. In front of her Bouquet of dried flowers, she will take pleasure in sipping her infusion in her mug.

If you wish, you can do better and offer him a personalized gift. You can get one of our greeting cards and send us the message. We will take care of personalizing it.

The joy box, to give joy to your mom

Gift ideas to offer for Mothers Day are legion. You thought you would give him a moment of relaxation, but you remembered it already done it. The difficulty, most of the time, is to find the gift that will mix originality, quality and authenticity. All mothers deserve a nice gift which will remain anchored in their memories.

We offer you secondly the joy box. It is also made up of superb articles. It contains a natural candle flowed in a pretty enameled sandstone pot. The latter is an artisanal work carried out in Portugal by one of our talented craftsmen.

The candle, casting in our workshop in Paris, is decorated with dried flowers And delicately scented with cotton flower. This scent is a creation of a fragrant craftsman of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery.

The box contains a refined bracelet with incursions of dried flowers. Very fine and delicate, it is a very nice accessory that she will love. There is also a Vintage -style darling in gauze cotton. It is the ideal accessory to remember a beautiful and long hair.

This Gift box for Mother's Day is perfect for paying tribute to her and showing her how much you want her. This party gift box is suitable for all those who love to be beautiful.

The drunken gift box to make happiness drunk

If you always ask what to please him or what Gift choose for the day of your party, we recommend the drunken box. Opt for a box is first of all offered several different gifts.

In this box, we find a Small bouquet of dried flowers In its white yellow stripes. This bouquet is associated with a candle scented with the scent of Monoi cast in a jar of the same design as the vase. This set is perfect as a decorative object.

The candle is made in our workshop in Paris from the 100% natural soybean wax. The scent comes from a perfumer crash craftsman, the world's capital of perfume. This creation is a must-have since in addition to constituting a beautiful decorative object, it allows you to create a cocooning atmosphere, a call for relaxation.

The latest article in this box is an adjustable ring, a real bestseller of the Flowrette brand. A beautiful jewel that inspires delicacy and poetry. This Mother's Day gift has something to make any woman drunk with happiness.

You always have the opportunity to offer a Personalized Mother's Day gift to your mom. Personalization is a gesture that shows how important the other is for you. This is a gift that will make her a fulfilled mother on this special day. So do not hesitate to use it to offer an original gift.

The fragrance box to offer to a decorative lover

Find it unique gift, the perfect gift to make your mother happy is not complex with us. If you have a mom fan of interior decoration, remember to choose the fragrance box. It contains the assortment it takes to embellish any type of interior.

There is a Pretty scented candle with the cotton flower with a few pieces of dried flowers. It was sunk in a sandstone jar made in Portugal. On or off, this accessory adds more to the decor.

After use, this pot can be used as a storage room. The box also contains a vaporizer containing a roommate with orange blossom. This article has something to make a interior pleasant.

The fragrance box contains a magnificent basket in hand braided raffia. A true craft work, it would be suitable for a chic and bohemian style decor. This gift for your mom is the ideal solution if she likes crafts and decor.

How to order the gift for Mother's Day with us?

Having your mother by his side is a real happiness and to show it, there is nothing better than cherishing it. If you want to please him other than concoct good little dishes, the selection of above-mentioned gift ideas would suit perfectly.

With those Some gift ideas For Mother's Day 2023, you are sure to find the good gift for your mother. However, give him a gift that will reflect his personality. After the choice, it remains more than to make the payment. Once done, we deliver you in 48 hours. Delivery is free throughout France for the purchase of a gift or more than € 70. You can be delivered directly to your home or at a relay point. If you want the delivery to be made directly to your mother, we can deliver the gift directly.

Apart from all the ideas of boxes offered, you can find others Original gifts For the party on our e-shop. If you don't know how to do it properly, here are some ideas on How to please her mom for Mother's Day? Flowrette does not only have boxes as a party gift. Here is also Our best gift ideas for Mother's Day 2023. Dare to please one of the most important people in your life.

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