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Jun 3, 2023
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Should we give a gift to the mistress?

Pleasing others by offering them a gift is a generous act. Generally, we think of our loved ones, our parents or our spouses. However, there are people who deserve all our gratitude for what they do for our children. These are school teachers. If you have a schooling child, you have certainly wondered if it was fashionable to offer a Gift to the mistress school. At Flowrette, we have a positive opinion on the subject and we also offer gift boxes for this purpose. Discover Some gift ideas To mark the occasion at the end of the school year by enjoying the mistress.

Is a gift for the mistress compulsory?

The school year is slowly firing and asking yourself a crucial question. Is offer a gift for your child's mistress an obligation? Obviously, this is their work and you are in no way obliged to do so. However, keep in mind that no matter the person, a gift is always happy.

For a year, our children spend a lot of time in school. They learn important concepts there that will serve them every day for life. The people most involved in their school monitoring are the teachers. It is not an easy work since these little beings are sometimes difficult to channel. This is even more real when it comes to children in kindergarten.

Thus, at the end of the year, it is interesting to offer a small gift To thank the mistress for having accompanied your child. This is just a symbolic act To express your recognition for his involvement in the education of your child. This is therefore not an obligation, but an act of gratitude.

How is a gift for the mistress important for the child?

It is important for a child, especially if he got along with his mistress, to show him his gratitude at the end of the year by offering him something symbolic. It would therefore be fashionable to accompany him for this goal.

Since children learn from us and imitate us, instill them values ​​go through the example that we are as parents. This gesture will therefore have the effect of showing your child what the recognition and gratitude. Say thank you By words or acts is something that is learned. Teaching this very early on children will only be beneficial.

In addition, the child will be proud to see the happiness that His gift gives his school teacher. He will know the joy of pleases others. This is why we recommend that your child accompanies you on the day of the donation. Go further by entrusting him with the task of giving the gift to his teacher.

If ever, your child does not want to give the mistressThis is an opportunity to teach him the concept of peace and reconciliation. You can explain to him that it is good to exceed disputes and misunderstandings and turn the page to enjoy the holidays. It is better to start on a good basis and have a better relationship in the future.

What is the average price for a gift for the mistress?

You don't need to spend a fortune or ruin yourself to give a gift. It is quite possible to offer a nice gift, but at a good price. This is the bet we make in Flowrette. Give everyone the opportunity to offer original gifts at just prices.

You will find in our e-shop items of less than 25 euros, but which will delight the teacher. If you have a higher budget, you can offer a gift between 25 euros and 45 euros. You have a wide choice in this price range. If the price does not matter, there are also items of more than 50 euros.

However, for a Gift for the mistress, plan an average price of 30 euros. At this price, you will find an attractive variety of products so the Master gift box. With Flowrette, making fun would never have been easier.

Some gift ideas for a school teacher

If you are wondering what to offer the school teacher, know that there is a diversity of gifts that will make her for sure. At Flowrette, concept store of crafts and singular gifts, you will find a wide range of gift ideas.

The beautiful mistress box

You have decided to do Pleasure to the school teacher, but are you still hesitating on the gift to give him? We offer you our Master gift box Specially designed to delight the mistress. 

Our team has shown creativity by offering an original mistress gift box. It is made up of a candle scented with Monoi with a beautiful thank you label, a pink bouquet in dried flowers in its vase in amber glass and a nice flowery card.

The mistress will love this beautiful gesture and even more, the different elements of the box. It can embellish the desired space with this flowery touch. There candle, good scent diffuser, will pleasantly perfume any room. The bouquet of dried flowers that lasts it for a long time will accompany it over the seasons. She will keep her pretty flowery card as a memory of this beautiful attention.

This beautiful box set at all prices for all is a beautiful gift idea. So do not hesitate to get it to put happiness in the heart of the mistress at the end of the year.

A flowery candle

Did your son or daughter told you over the year the kindness that his school teacher showed? If so, this is a valid reason to thank her by offering her one of our original creations: the flowery candle. This decoration accessory delights everyone because of the well-being. You can even offer it to a master if it is he who teaches in your child's class.

Our Flower candles are designed in our Parisian workshop by the expert hands of our craftsmen. Each flowery candle is sunk with soy wax in a reusable pot. To ensure the sustainability of the candles, we adopt a wooden wick for slow combustion.

To finalize manufacturing, some dried flower petals are used to decorate the candle. To make this gift even more interesting, you have the possibility of personalizing it. To do this, the candle is accompanied by a label on which we can add a written word to thank her. It’s a great way to make this gift unique.

There flowery candle Not lit is a decoration accessory. When it is lit, it releases a soft perfume that immediately relaxes. The mistress will have something to relax at home after a long day of work.

A DIY Herbier kit for a creative mistress

At Flowrette, we design beautiful creations for everyone. If you are looking for another creative and original idea, think of our DIY Kit Herbier Abécédaire. The gift box is made up of pressed flowers, a Canson leaf, a link to download the letter of your choice.

You will have to have a printer to print the letter, white glue, a brush and a cutter. Thanks to the guide that accompanies the gift box, she will be able to create a magnificent herbarium with the letter of her choice (the first letter of her first name) to hang in her house to sublimate her.

School mistresses are generally very creative. She will then take pleasure in carrying out this creative activity. In addition, no one resists a beautiful Interior decoration accessory. For this gift, you have the choice between a DIY diy with a blue or pink abécédaire.

A flowery kit

If you are not sure of the preferences of your child's school teacher, we recommend that you opt for a practical gift like one of our Flower toiletries. The toiletry bag is an accessory made with cotton fabric. The latter is handcrafted thanks to an ancestral Indian technique: the Block Print. This technique is known and reproduced thanks to our Indian craft expert.

The kit is doubled with waterproof fabric to avoid unpleasant surprises of liquid beauty products. It is beautiful, practical and can be transported everywhere. We offer several patterns and colors. If you know the favorite color of the mistress, you could effectively choose the kit that will make her happy. This is the perfect gift for lovers of crafts and India.

Schools are teaching places where children must learn daily. If they get there, it is largely thanks to the masters who play a big role in the education of these children. To thank them in an original way, forget the chocolates or the fresh flowers which are quite common.

Think of one of our gift ideas cited above. We also have many other original accessories that we have not mentioned such as the flowery bell, the poster, the bracelet or the flower collar. Obviously, you do not need to spend several hundred euros for the gift. Our items are at low and fair prices.

If you want to know more about our other gift boxes for any party and above all know how to choose them, discover our article How to choose a gift box. It will help you make an adequate choice.

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