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Nov 12, 2023
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Petals under the tree: 6 flowery gift ideas for an unforgettable Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and this year, add a floral touch to your festivities for a revisited tradition. At Flowrette, we have meticulously designed a special selection that goes beyond simple gifts to become Memorable sensory experiences. 

Immerse yourself in the magic of the season with our 6 flower gift ideas, carefully selected to create an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.

For more ideas explore our ideas of Christmas gifts 2023. Discover the most popular choices, the most recent creations, and find inspiration among the trendy suggestions for this season to make your parties a real feast of memorable and appreciated gifts.

1. Bouquet of dried flowers: eternal beauty

Offer your loved ones a Christmas gift that continues over the seasons with our sumptuous Bouquets of dried flowers. Each petal retains the splendor of its fulfillment, offering a timeless beauty which becomes a decorative centerpiece for any interior. Let them savor the floral magic that lasts well after the holiday season.

2. Bouquet of paper flowers: timeless elegance

Opt for timeless elegance with our Bouquets of paper flowers. Made with artisanal precision, these bouquets offer a delicate and sophisticated alternative. A Christmas present that dazzles by its beauty and which remains a visual testimony of the shared affection.

3. DIY kits: Create your own memories

For creative minds, offer our DIY kits! Transform the moments spent with family or friends into a memorable artistic experience. 

Create a warm atmosphere with our DIY Kit Flower Candle. By combining the sweet light of candles with floral elegance, this gift offers a complete sensory experience. Perfect for those who appreciate the moments of relaxation in a scented atmosphere.

Capture the beauty of nature with our DIY Herbier kit. Perfect for botany lovers, this Christmas gift allows you to preserve natural treasures while adding an artistic touch to interior decoration. Offer an artistic experience to those who appreciate the delicacy of nature.

Create a work of floral art with our DIY DIY Fleuri drum. This unique gift offers an elegant and bohemian way to decorate the spaces. An artistic addition that will resonate with those who appreciate originality and creativity.

4. Flower toiletry bag: practical elegance

Combine the useful with pleasant with our Flower toiletry bag, a unique creation by Petit Bombay, the popup of Indian products founded by Alexandra and Marie passionate about India and her craftsmanship. 

Exclusivity Flowrette, our first collection of Marie Elegance and Authenticity kits, woven with carefully selected Indian fabrics.

Perfect for those who like to travel with style, this kit adds a floral touch to your daily life, combining traditional Indian art with modern functionality. 

5. Gift box: Simplicity and efficiency

Offer a relaxation break with our epistolary box, combining a candle scented with a mini bouquet. A perfect duo to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere.

For a luxury touch, choose our passion. Combining a candle scented with a delicate jewel, it offers a sensory and visual experience of exceptional elegance.

An all in one Christmas present that works every time. 

6. Candles: an olfactory Christmas gift

Finish your Christmas gift in style with our Flower fondants and candles. The fondants subtly broadcast delicious fragrances, while the flowery candles offer a warm and fragrant glow. A discreet but charming duo to brighten up winter evenings.

Choose from this selection and create unforgettable memories

By choosing from this Selection of flowery gifts, you will bring the beauty of nature to your end -of -year celebrations. Make each gift an unforgettable memory with the unique creations of Flowrette. 

And because the magic of the holidays goes beyond the gifts, combine the floral elegance of Flowrette with Creative tips for a table that will dazzle your guests. 

Merry Christmas !

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