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Nov 21, 2022
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Our best original gift ideas for women

When you want to spoil a woman, it is not always easy to renew its gift ideas. The classics, even if they always likedR, come back often: bouquets of fresh flowers, clothes, jewelry, gift card, etc. 

Fortunately, the Flowrette team is there to guide you and help you find Original gift ideas for women. Discover our artisanal products And made in France or co-created with craftsmen from around the world. 

This time your wife, mother, sister or mayor will be amazed by the originality of your present!

Discover our Selection of gift ideas for women. Our gifts will surely like it for your mother, sister, stepmother, daughter or even your neighbor

Our 6 gift ideas for original women

The woman you want to spoil today with a nice gift Isn't that others? She stands out for her originality, her kindness, her beauty or her benevolence? 

That's good, we have everything you need! Our concept store offers craft gift ideas at all prices and for all tastes.

Offer a jewel with dried flowers

We agree, offering a jewel is always happy, but is not original. Unless it is jewelry with dried flowers of course! 

It was obvious for the Flowrette team to pay tribute to its bouquets by offering jewelry decorated with flowers. Very poetic, these jewelry is suitable for chic or bohemian women, romantic or assertive style. 

These jewelry made in France are made with love and golden golden gold. Our jewelry collection has rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

At Flowrette, we believe that flowery jewelry is Perfect for Valentine's Day, because they are very delicate and poetic.

Offer a DIY kit for creative women

Do you want spoil a woman Who likes to create objects, who is manual, or who to an unprecedented artist's soul? In this case, we highly recommend the purchase of a DIY kit. 

Choose according to the tastes of the woman you want to spoil. We offer kits to make jewelry, bouquets of dried flowers or candles. 

The key: the satisfaction of having achieved a beautiful object that will last over time. Each kit of course contains all the necessary equipment as well as the explanations.

Offer a gift box to do things big

If you still hesitate and don't know what to choose to spoil your friend, sister or woman, you can opt for an original gift box. 

Each gift box can correspond to a special occasion. Inside, you will find handmade handmade products. 

So you make sure youOffer a unique, beautiful and quality gift. By offering a box, you will have a double pleasure! Combine the sweetness of a bouquet of dried flowers with the poetry of a candle, or opt for a very practical toiletry bag. It can be a great idea for Christmas or a birthday.

Offer dried flowers: a lasting gift

Tired of offering bouquets of flowers that last only a few days? We have a wonderful solution: bouquets of dried flowers. These sustainable creations provide a touch of sweetness to an interior for several months. 

Dried flowers are suitable for decorating many pieces, and can be moved over the desires throughout the year. Bouquets are handmade in our Parisian workshop. 

Bright or pale colors, small or large models, there are bouquets of dried flowers for all tastes. Everyone has their own beauty!

Offer table art products to decorate

If you want to offer gifts, opt for products dedicated to tableware. By offering craft plates, cups or handmade sets, you will choose a unique and original gift. 

Our products are made in noble and durable materials such as ceramics and concrete. Very trendy, these objects allow you to decorate a house or a table. 

It is The original gift ideal for women who like to receive elegantly.


Candles are among the gifts most often offered to a woman. Most of them have a lot! 

To go with it, why not take the opposite by offering a nice candle holder! Our collection of concrete candlesticks makes it possible to decorate any candle in style. 

Handcrafted by craftsmen, they constitute A gift that is unique, practical and original!

On what opportunity to give an original gift to a woman?

At Flowrette, we believe that there is no particular reason to spoil women in your life! On the contrary, small spontaneous gifts are sometimes even more appreciated, and will consolidate your relationship. Not by the value of the present, but by the fact that you think of them. 

However, there are some important opportunities not to be missed to offer presents, such as: for example: 

His birthday

A symbolic anniversary date for you two Like the date of meeting


Valentine's day

His party in the calendar of first names

Mothers Day

Promotion or professional or personal success

The success of a project 

In summary, there is no shortage of opportunities to offer An original gift to a woman !

What price to make a personalized gift to a woman?

At Flowrette, we offer the possibility of personalizing a selection of products. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. The price of our products is always considered fair. 

We offer a selection of objects between € 8 and € 90. 

All our products are made by hand. Buying a product from crafts is therefore a great gift idea for women or mothers who are sensitive to ethical values. 

And if you want to spoil a friend who lives outside France, know that delivery is possible throughout Europe.

Our advice for choosing your gift

Now that you have several gift ideas in stock, you have to think carefully about choosing. The more you know the woman you offer, the more simple it will be.

You can for example make a list of what it lacks in its interior decoration, and thus opt for a candle holder, a candle, or any other product that will improve its living environment. If you know that offering her a jewel always hit, try to see what she likes most. A bracelet is for example an ideal gift for Valentine's Day, but also to celebrate an important moment. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us for help on the choice of an original gift. We will be happy to offer you the prettiest objects from our collection.

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