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Nov 1, 2023
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2023 Christmas gift trends: the must-haves of the season

Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you are looking for an original and trendy idea, why not opt ​​for a present inspired by the beauty of flowers? In this article, we invite you to discover a selection of the best gift ideas for flower lovers. For more ideas find our selection ofChristmas gift idea.

Paper hydrangeas: a refined decoration

Offering a bouquet of white paper hydrangea is a great idea for people who like to decorate their interior with a touch of nature. These paper flowers are made with care and look like it is mistaken for real hydrangeas. Their white color brings elegance and purity to any room in the house.

Bouquets of dried flowers: an original and durable idea

Bouquets of dried flowers are also a great gift idea for Christmas. Preserved in their naturalized state, these flowers have a much longer lifespan than their fresh counterparts, and require no maintenance. What delight those who do not have a green hand!

Flower candle with winter smells: cinnamon, musk and amber

The scented candles are essential gifts for Christmas, bringing heat and festive atmosphere to the house. The flowery candle with delicate cinnamon scents, Musc and Amber is a perfect option to create a luxurious atmosphere during the holidays.

Cinnamon : Instantly evokes the Christmas festivities, with its spicy aromas of gingerbread and apple pies.

Musk : Brings softness and comfort, recalling the heat of the cozy sweaters and the evenings by the fire.

Amber : A rich and sensual note evoking elegance and sophistication.

This scented candle is an ideal gift to brighten up the holiday season, it creates a perfect spellbinding atmosphere for Christmas. 

DIY kit: put your love for flowers scene

To compose your own jewel, your own creation in dried flowers your own candle. Inside each DIY kit, find an explanatory tutorial, the equipment and tools necessary to guide you step by step in the manufacture of the kit of your choice. A fun and creative activity that we love

Flower toiletries: to travel in style

Finally, among the gift ideas around flowers, let's not forget the toilet kits. Practical and aesthetic, they are ideal for followers of the trip in search of a companion of choice capable of transporting their beauty products serenely and in style.

The essential: the gift box

Why opt for a gift box:

1. Simplicity and elegance: Our gift boxes combine elegance and simplicity, creating an instantly attractive present.

2. Emotion and meaning: Each box tells a story, be it ardent passion, sincere tenderness or great love. Offer a box is to offer an authentic emotion.

3. Save time: Save time by avoiding tedious research of individual gifts. Our boxes bring together assorted articles that will delight the recipient.

4. Personalization: Choose from our different options to find the box that best suits the personality of your recipient.

In conclusion, do not delay in inspiration from these many gift ideas putting the flowers in the spotlight. Give a magical and enchanting Christmas to everyone you cherish thanks to our exceptional floral selection for Christmas 2023. 

And to decorate your interior for the holidays, inspire yourself Christmas decoration trends 2023.

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